Consignment Agreement

Your consignment period is 70 days starting the day the inventory is placed on the floor.  We are happy to email you a list of your consigned items.

If the consigned items sell within the 70 day consignment period you will receive the following percentage based on the selling price.

  • 40% for items priced under $100,
  • 50% for items priced $100-$499,
  • 60% for items $500-$999
  • 75% for items over $1000

If you would like to retrieve unsold items priced over $25.00 it is your responsibility to call us by the 70th day and we will pull these items for you to pick up.  Items not picked up within 2 weeks of requested pick up date will be donated.  Items priced under $25.00 will be donated if unsold.  We reserve the right to place items on sale.

As we enter your items if we find any previously undetected stains, broken zippers, missing buttons etc. they will be donated.

We will do our best to safeguard your items; however, we are not responsible for damage or loss.


To save you time, please click here to download our Consignor Agreement. Please bring in with your items.

Click Here for Closet Exchange Consignor Agreement