About The Closet Exhange

Closet Exchange was created with the idea that consignment should be simple based on the needs of our  customers. So we are set up so you don’t need an appointment to consign or be paid. We’re located near a grocery store, the shop is organized so you can easily find what you need.

This is a neighborhood store where we hope get to know you. We love all the amazing connections that happen here. Our main objective is building long-term customer relationships. We know we have done our job when we see familiar faces bringing friends and family in to their ‘favorite shop’.   We hope you will always think of Closet Exchange first when you head out shopping. It’s the smart thing to do!

Meet Martha McKay, Proprietor

meWhen I opened Closet Exchange in January 2009 I knew that this was both a tough time to open a business and a business that was perfect for the times. So, I took a big risk and quit a safe job. I left that gray cubicle. The good news is that this turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made! I love running this shop and opening this business has been a great adventure.

My store is the quintessential family business with my husband and children, mother and father, and sister all helping me enormously. I started this business with two ideas. I want to make consigning convenient. I also want to create the type of store my customers want.  My store is run by and for women.  So I located in the same center with the grocery store and I don’t require appointments to bring in consignments. I listen carefully to all the advice and comments of my customers and this is what drives all the improvements that I make. I hope you will visit my store, meet me and tell me what you think. I am sure that we will both enjoy your visit.

– Martha –